CS COVID-19 Response

Campus Services Reopening: Workplace Readiness Essentials

Audience: Emory University faculty, students, staff, and visitors

Purpose: Communicate with the Emory community regarding the actions, process, and services provided by Campus Services in preparing and during the resumption of on-campus activities. This information may adjust through the phased return to campus and in alignment with university guidance.

Details: Here

Last Modified: 06/11/2020 10:52:54 AM

Transportation & Parking Response

Please reference the Emory Parking and Transportation Website for the most updated information.


Last Modified: 05/26/2020 8:36:38 AM

Campus Sanitization Plan

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Campus Services has developed a Campus Sanitization strategy that will cover the sanitizing of the following areas throughout all university facilities: Common Areas, Lounges, Classrooms, Bathrooms, Dining Space.
Details: Here                                                                             
Last Modified: 06/16/2020 11:41:24 AM

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