Campus Services Communications

All Campus Services Emails

All Campus Services emails are sent to every Campus Services employee (and other interested parties).  Therefore, these notices should contain time-sensitive information that either directly or indirectly affects every employee in the department, or is of interest to all. 

  • Requests must be made in writing via email to 
  • Requests for an Everyone email must come from a supervisor (or above) or project manager and are subject to editing for grammar, spelling and content
  • Examples of appropriate Everyone emails include:
    • Project/Construction Updates
    • Bereavement Notices
    • Birth Announcements

Bereavement Notices

In the event of the death of a CS employee, or any CS employee’s “one touch” relatives (Parent, Child, Sibling, Spouse, Same-Sex domestic partner), a bereavement notice will be sent to all CS employees.

  • Bereavement notices must be sent in writing to, by the affected employee’s supervisor, and are to include:
    • Name of employee, title, department, supervisor
    • Name of deceased (if relative of staff) & relation to staff
    • Date of death
    • Include information on funeral/wake location, date, time, address, phone number
    • Flowers/donations contact/mailing information 
  • Whenever a present or former CS employee passes away, please include further information, i.e. employment information, areas in which the employee worked and any other information that may be of interest to CS employees.

Birth Announcements

Birth announcements must be sent in writing to by the affected employee's supervisor, and are to include:

  • Name of employee, title, department
  • Name of child
  • Date of birth and birth weight
  • Names of spouse/significant other and other children may also be included   

Leadership Emails

CS Leadership emails are sent to CS Supervisors and above, up to and including the VP of Campus Services, and contain sensitive information to be disseminated by supervisors to their staff as appropriate. 

  • Requests should be sent via email to 
  • Examples of CS Leadership emails include:
    • New hires (supervisory positions, administrative staff, project managers, any CSA staff). Be sure to include:
      • Employee’s name
      • Background
      • Start date
      • Location (office or building)
      • Phone number/contact information
      • Duties
      • Employee’s supervisor 
  • Separations
    • Please include
      • Employee’s name
      • Employee’s supervisor
      • Employee’s department
      • Employee serving as interim
      • Interim’s contact information 
  • Organizational changes 
  • Postings/announcements
  • Early dismissals (prior to select holidays)