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Onboarding, including orientation, begins with the first day of employment and usually ends upon the first year of employment.  It is a process that gets employees up to speed with the policies, procedures, culture, expectations, and day-to-day responsibilities of their department/unit.

We have adopted this process in Campus Services to:

  • Ensure you feel welcomed
  • Build relationships with key stakeholders
  • Increase engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduce the time it takes to “hit the ground running”


The New Leader Onboarding Program is broken down into five phases with key activities over the course of 1 year:

Phase 1: First Day/First WeekOnboarding

Phase 2: 1st month (30 days)

Phase 3: 2nd month (60 days)

Phase 4: 3rd month (90 days)

Phase 5: remainder of 1st year of employment

You will be oriented to the policies, culture, expectations through a series of learning events including:

  • A comprehensive New Leader Onboarding checklist
  • Opportunities to engage in one-on-one meetings with key contacts
  • An assigned peer coach
  • Professional development training sessions
  • Regularly scheduled meetings with your Leader

Please read the New Leader Onboarding Guide and utilize the New Leader Checklist to guide you through this process.

This pre-hire checklist is also helpful for the hiring manager to help prepare for the new leader's arrival.

For questions regarding this program, contact:

Avril Occilien-Similien
Asst. Director, Human Resources

Jackie Owen
Divison Director, Human Resources