FM Guide to Services

A to Z List of Facilities Management Guide to Services for Academic Units 


Access Control
Provides keyless entry for authorized personnel to exterior and interior doors (card and keypad entry) and maintenance of those systems.  If your access is not working, contact your department representative or Work Management for assistance.

Air Conditioning  See Room Temperatures for details.

Auxiliary Services 
Recycles Services, Staging and Moving Services, Pest Control Services, Surplus Property, Shredding Services, and Waste Management Services

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Back-up generators See Emergency Power.

Contact Graphic Design services for information regarding banners located on campus light poles.  Students wanting to promote events with banners and signage visit Meeting Services for more information.

Billing  Contact Work Management for assistance with billing.

Blinds are repaired or replaced when inoperable or damaged.  Blinds are not available for all windows at Emory University.  Location of windows and design standards determine the use of blinds. Personal blinds are prohibited. 

Bodily Fluids Clean-Up See On-Demand Cleaning for urgent response for clean-up.

Bollards are traffic control devices which should only be removed when absolutely necessary for vehicular access. Contact Work Management for assistance with accessing areas restricted by the presence of bollards.

Break Room Cleaning
Daily tasks include trash removal, disinfecting sinks and counter tops, dusting and damp mopping tile floors and/or carpet vacuuming.  Weekly tasks include dusting, spot cleaning walls, doors and furniture, and burnishing tile floors.  Annual tasks include carpet extraction and stripping/waxing tile floors.   Click here for details.

Building Exteriors
Inspections are conducted daily to address life safety requirements and cleanliness.  Detailed inspections are conducted periodically to evaluate the building facade, condition of trim and fixtures and cleaning requirements.  Repairs are prioritized and scheduled based on funding availability.

Building Zone Maintenance (Operations & Maintenance)
Daily building maintenance and operations is organized into "Zones".  Each "Zone" is responsible for specific buildings and is led by a Campus Services Facilities Management Supervisor and staffed with building mechanics and skilled crafts personnel.  The campus is divided into seven zones.  To locate the zone for a specific building, click here for the "Campus Zoned Map". Typical maintenance tasks performed by zone maintenance mechanics include: first response for any heating or air-condition (HVAC) problems, plumbing (interior), electrical (interior), carpentry, floor tile, lighting fixture and bulb replacement. Maintenance tasks are conducted via a work order under three categories: Emergency, Urgent and Routine. Contact Work Management.

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Fixed or built in cabinetry repairs. Contact Work Management.

Carpentry and woodworking maintenance and repair are available through each Zone shop. New construction is also available as a recharge service. Contact Work Management.

Carpet Cleaning
All carpet is assessed annually and cleaned on schedule based on location, type and traffic exposure.  Spot removal and sectional cleaning is done on an as-needed basis to maintain the appearance of the carpet.  Click here for details. Any requests for carpet cleaning outside the cleaning schedule is rechargeable. Report spills on carpet immediately to Work Management.  

Carpet Repair and Replacement
Carpet repairs are part of normal building maintenance to promote safety and enhance the appearance of the facility.  Carpet replacement is based on a Facilities Management evaluation process and in accordance with budget availability.  For more information contact  Work Management.

Ceiling Tile
All ceiling tiles should be in-place, lying flat, dry and clean.  Spotty or moist ceiling tiles can be an indicator of a more serious issue.  Report dirty or wet ceiling tiles to Work Management.  

Classroom Cleaning
Daily tasks include trash removal, chalk/white board cleaning and dust mop/damp mop tile flooring and/or carpet vacuuming.  Weekly tasks include dusting and spot cleaning walls and doors.  Annual tasks include carpet extraction and stripping/waxing tile flooring. Click here for details. 

Compost Collections
For a list of compostable items, visit Emory Recycles website.  Compost collections are available for your building and for special events involving food waste. To request compost bins, contact Work Management.  For service frequencies click here. Special event support after normal business hours is rechargeable.

Conference Room Cleaning
Daily task include trash removal, chalk/white board cleaning, dust/spot cleaning furniture, dusting, damp mop tile flooring and/or vacuum carpeting.  Weekly task include dusting doors, picture frames, etc.  Annual tasks include carpet extraction and stripping/waxing tile flooring. Click here for details.  

Custodial Services
Includes trash collection, sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, polishing floors, cleaning and supplying rest rooms. For Academic Units and Buildings service click here for more information.  For Residential Halls Service, click here

Customer Service
The Work Management Center is the communication hub for many of the departments within Campus Services.  Regular business hours are Monday-Friday; 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please call Work Management at 404-727-7463. Click here for additional information. For after hour emergency calls, please call the number above and you will be redirected to an on-call Campus Services representive. Routine work orders may be submitted online 24/7 by clicking here.

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The Roads and Grounds Shop is responsible for exterior drainage. Please report drainage issues or concerns to Work Management.

In Emory University Residential Units, Fraternities, Sororities and Clairmont Tower apartments dryers are owned and serviced by a vendor.  Call 1-800-MAC-GRAY (1-800-622-4729) for service.  In Clairmont Buildings A through H with dryers in individual apartments, report non-functioning units to Work Management.  

Damage to drywall should be reported immediately to reduce further damage. Facilities Management performs all levels of drywall repairs from patching nail holes and replacing complete sections of walls complete with finishing and painting.  Report drywall damage to Work Management.

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Electrical maintenance
Includes replacing light bulbs for stationary electrical light fixtures;  Repair/replace damaged and/or non-working stationary electrical light fixtures;  Replacing electrical devices i.e. switches, receptacles, breakers, etc. to maintain building operations.  Electrical maintenance also troubleshoots and repairs or replaces circuitry and electrical equipment as needed to maintain building systems.  Installation of receptacles and providing new power supplies for equipment is a rechargeable service.  Contact Work Management with issues or concerns.

Electronic Recycling
Emory owned electronics are recycled through Emory Surplus Properties. Contact Work Management for a pick-up of electronic waste.  Visit Emory Recycles website for more information regarding recycling of personal electronic waste.

Electrical Shop
Maintains power to each building through underground loop systems that are fed from Georgia Power.

Elevator Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here.

Elevator Service
In order to be compliant with existing laws and codes, all elevators are inspected and maintained on stringent frequency.  Elevators are equipped with two way communication service to connect with assistance in the untimely event of an entrapment.  Emory University elevators are maintained by certified mechanics and certified by the State of Georgia. Duplicate certificates are posted in each elevator car and originals maintained at the Campus Services office. Please report any problems with elevator operation or cleanliness to Work Management.

Emergency Blue Lights
Used for emergencies and maintained by Facilities Management. Contact Work Management to report issues with the Blue Light locations.

Emergency Elevator Phone Information
Working elevators are required to have an operational help phone. Telephones installed in elevators are linked directly to the Emory’s Police & Fire Safety Department (or other 24 hour security switchboard) who will respond immediately in the event of an emergency. 

Emergency Power
Designated critical facilities and life safety supporting infrastructure have back-up power systems.  Emergency back-up power will be provided either from an emergency generator or batteries or a combination of both.  Additional equipment requiring back up power will be through a reimbursable work order. Contact Work Management for more information. 

Emergency Service
Emergencies include but are not limited to disruptions in utility and HVAC services in criticial facilities, catastrophic events in buildings such as fire, flood, structural damage or vandalism, and weather related occurrences that disturb normal operations.  Contact the Work Management at 404-727-7463 for facility related emergencies.

Emergency Showers
Showers are inspected and tested monthly for optimal operation.  A service tag attached to the unit is annotated to reflect the inspection.  Report missing service tags or leaking showers to Work Management.

Emory Recycles
Provides a source separated recycling program for all Emory University academic buildings, residence halls, labs, clinics and offices; provides food waste collections for composting at the two main cafeterias on campus and numerous campus buildings; handles composting of animal bedding from Division of Animal Resources; and collects organic waste from the FM Grounds Department for composting.  Emory Recycles is a department within Exterior Services.  For more information, visit Emory Recycles website.  For service schedule click here.  For a printable guide to what is recycled at Emory click here

Emory Shredding Services (ESS)
Provides secure document destruction to Emory University and Emory Healthcare. Customers are provided with locked secure consoles for collecting confidential papers and mixed media for a monthly fee. For a secure console, call 404.712.8921 or send an email   ESS can also provide large secure 95-gallon carts for one time shredding services involving office purges or moves.  One time shredding service can be requested on Emory Express.

Energy Auditing  See Engineering Services.

Engineering Services
Campus Services has an Engineering department that can provide preliminary design or energy audit services through a reimbursable work order.  Contact Work Management to request services.

Entrance/Lobby Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here.

Exterior Painting
Maintenance painting on exterior surfaces is provided to protect surfaces (e.g. wood, steel, stucco, siding, etc.) from deterioration.  Frequency of painting is based upon a Facilities Management inspection and evaluation process and in accordance with budget availability.

Event Set-up and Support
Staging provides special event support services for set-ups. Contact Work Management to request support.   For more information regarding billable or non-billable event set-up and support services, click here.

Eyewash Stations
Stations are inspected and exercised monthly for proper operation and water quality.  Inspections are verified on the service card attached to each unit.  If a card is missing, contact Work Management.

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Building mechanical systems for HVAC and plumbing that require periodic replacement of filters are serviced according to the Preventative Maintenance schedule. Contact Work Management for additional information.

Fire Alarms
Alarms are inspected and tested annually (residential facilities are tested once a semester) to comply with code requirements.  All fire alarms are maintained by a licensed contractor.   

Fire Extinguishers
Inspected monthly to ensure they are charged and ready for use in the untimely event of a fire.  Extinguishers not ready for operation are replaced immediately.  If a fire extinguisher is missing from a designated location or the service card is missing, contact Work Management.

Fire Alarm Systems
Systems are monitored by the Emory Police Department 24 hours per day. Fire alarm systems are serviced, tested, and inspected regularly to insure they are functional.  In case of a fire alarm, exit the building and wait for the fire department or emergency personnel to give an “All clear” before re-entering.  Fire alarm systems report to the Emory police, when a true fire alarm is reported, the Fire Department is called for immediate response. Sometimes the fire panels report troubles that do not cause the system to go into full alarm, but make a sound locally at the fire alarm panel or at a remote annunciator. Call Work Management if you have questions or concerns about fire alarm systems.

Fire Hydrants
Fire hydrants are tested as required by applicable code(s).

Fire Protection Systems
Most Emory Buildings have fire sprinklers for fire protection. If you notice a leaking sprinkler, contact Work Management. Other fire protection systems include special gas suppression systems, kitchen hood fire extinguishing systems, and pre-action (normally dry) sprinkler systems. For support with any of these systems, contact Work Management.

Fire Pumps
Large Emory buildings have fire pumps that supply sufficient water to the most distant sprinklers in a fire situation. Testing fire pumps creates a large flow of water.  When testing Emory Fire pumps annually, special care is taken to perform the tests efficiently to conserve water, and if possible to reuse, recycle, or collect part of the water in cisterns.

Standing water on a hard-floor surface that cannot be immediately picked up with a mop and bucket or saturating carpet is considered a flood. Facilities Management works with EHSO to clean up all floods, monitor moisture levels and return affected areas to optimum operational levels as quickly as possible.  To report a flood, contact Work Management.

Fume hoods
Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) inspects all fume hoods for optimal operation. Facilities Management replaces filters and UV lamps as needed and makes operational corrections as required by EHSO.  If regular lights are out, contact Work Management. For exhaust concerns, contact EHSO.

For purchase and repair of furniture contact Campus Services Interiors.

Furniture Disposal
Surplus Property handles furniture reuse, disposal and recycling.  For more information contact Work Management.

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Generators  See Emergency Power

Please report graffiti immediately to Work Management.  Graffiti should be removed within 24 hours of occurrence.

Grounds Maintenance
Facilities Management Grounds shop provides comprehensive landscape maintenance services for Emory University. Contact Work Management for specific requests. Click here for a schedule of services.

Gutters and Downspouts
Inspected as part of the roof and building exterior inspections. Gutters are cleaned annually as part of scheduled maintenance between March and September. Downspouts are checked for proper attachment and blockage. Contact Work Management to report problems.

Gymnasium Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here.

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Hard Floor Surfaces
During the course of normal building operations floor surfaces can become damaged and pose a safety hazard to building occupants.  Facilities Management will repair and replace damaged hard floor surfaces.  Contact Work Management to report damage.

The Roads shop of Facilities Management maintains and repairs sidewalks, masonry retaining walls, brick pavers, outdoor tables, chairs, and benches, and signage on campus. Contact Work Management for additional information or to submit a request.      

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)  See Room Temperatures.

Hoods (ventilation other than fume hoods)
The building mechanic will respond and correct malfunctions within the hood. Contact Work Management for burned out lights, inoperable closure or other damage.

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Campus irrigation systems are managed by the Grounds Shop; contact Work Management to report issues.

Interior Corridor Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here

Interior Painting  See Painting

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Keys and Locks  See Lock Shop

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Landscape Services
The Grounds shop provides for comprehensive landscape maintenance services for Emory University units. Click here for the Grounds Maintenance schedule.

Library Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here

Light Poles 
Maintained by Facilities Management; repaired or replaced as needed.  Report any exterior light outages to Work Management.

Facilities Management maintains all affixed interior and exterior lights.  Inoperable lamps are replaced and/or repaired as reported or discovered. Some lighting is darkened intentionally as part of Emory University's energy conservation initiatives.  For specific lighting concerns contact Work Management.

Lobby Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here.

Locked Out
Contact Work Management for all lock outs.  If locked out during the work hours of 7:30 am – 4:30 pm, the Lock Shop will be called for assistance.  After 4:30 pm,  Emory Police Department (EPD) will be contacted.  

Locker Room Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here.

Lock Shop
Maintains ALL master keys and keying information for all key systems.  Installs, repairs, and replaces all door hardware to include locksets, exit devices, door closers, door stops and ADA controls.  Contact Work Management to request service.

Lounge Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here

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Report any missing manhole covers to Work Management.

Downloadable, printable, and interactive maps that show buildings and parking facilities are located at

Metal Fabrication
Facilities Management has the capability of metal fabrications that can be offered to our customers and requested on a reimbursable basis through our Work Management Center.  Contact Work Management.  

Microwave Cleaning
Is a reimbursable service.  The request must be scheduled through Work Management.

Mixed Media Destruction
Involves the destruction of electronic media storage devices such as DVDs, CD, hard drives, and x-rays.  Emory Shredding Services can provide collection carts for mixed media for shredding.  For more information visit Emory Shredding Services website. 

Moving/Relocation Services (Emory Property)
Contact Work Management for information regarding moving services. 

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Office Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here.

On Demand Cleaning
Cleaning that is performed outside established cleaning standards, routines and frequencies.  These are reimbursable services.  The request for service must be scheduled through Work Management.

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Maintenance painting is completed on an as needed basis to protect surfaces (e.g. wood, drywall, etc.,) from deterioration.  Routine building inspections are performed to assess painted surface conditions.  Maintenance painting is generally performed as determined by the Paint Shop supervisor, in conjunction with the Director of O&M.  In high traffic areas, painting may occur more frequently.  Additional painting services outside the scope of maintenance may be billed to the requester’s department at the standard reimbursable rate.  To request painting services, contact Work Management.

Patient Treatment Room Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here.

Pest Control Services
Comprehensive pest control systems protect the campus buildings from pests. Building spaces are inspected routinely for evidence of pest activity. Contact Work Management for a Service Request should you notice any pest related issues.

All plumbing services are available, from clearing clogged drains to the installation and repair of piping for water distribution and waste water disposal.  Contact Work Management for additional information.

Power Washing
Conducted across campus throughout the year to address vandalism, bio-organic growth and to maintain an attractive appearance of campus property.  Schedule and prioritization is set by the Director of Exterior Services.  Contact Work Management to report issues or concerns.  

Preventive Maintenance (PM)
Preventative Maintenance is an effective method of avoiding potential failure of facilities equipment and systems (i.e., pumps, motors, pulleys, filters, belts, fans). Much of our preventive maintenance is performed after normal work hours. Signage will be posted 24 hours prior to any equipment shut downs in common areas.

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Reception Area Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here.

The act of diverting materials from the landfill by sending it to a facility that processes it into a product of the same (e.g. aluminum, paper) or lesser value (e.g. plastic, cardboard).  Visit Emory Recycles website for a list of what is recycled at Emory University.  Click here for information on services provided and frequency. 

Refrigerator Cleaning
Is a reimbursable service.  Contact Work Management to submit a request. 

Planning Design and Construction can provide estimates for renovation projects.  Contact Work Management to submit a request.

Research Laboratory Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here.

Restroom Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here.

The Roads & Hardscapes Shop maintains the Emory owned roadways and regulatory signage on campus. Please report pot-holes, unsafe road conditions, and damaged signage to Work Management.

Emory University inspects each building roof annually or immediately following a significant weather event.  Appropriate roof maintenance is scheduled and performed based on the inspection report.  Report all roof leaks to Work Management.

Room Temperatures
Facilities Management will maintain room temperatures between 68-76 degrees in the majority of campus buildings per Emory University temperature policy.  For exceptions, click here for FAQs regarding Emory's temperature policy. If temperatures are outside of this range, please call Work Management.  All heating, ventilation and air conditioning units are maintained per a preventative maintenance schedule.

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Do not remove screens from windows.  Facilities Management personnel will annotate damage or missing screens during building inspections.  Screens will normally be replaced during semester breaks.  Report damaged or missing screens to Work Management.

Security Access Levels (Access Control)
Security access levels are authorized or approved by the student, staff, or faculty member's department.  Campus Services Lock Shop will grant appropriate access when provided the approved access level.

Security Camera and Close Circuit Television
Access Control installs and maintains camera equipment and recording devices on a reimbursable basis.  Contact Work Management.

Service Requests
Requests are given a work order number for identification.

Roads and Hardscapes Shop installs and maintains all campus signage including directional and specialty signs.  Report damaged signs to Work Management.

Smoke Detectors
Do not obstruct or tamper with any smoke detectors.  Facilities Managment replaces smoke detector batteries on a semi-annual basis.  Report any issues to Work Management.

Snow and Ice Removal
Facilities Management has a response plan in place for the removal of snow and ice during inclement weather events. 

Special Event Support
Contact Work Management to request support for special events.  

Stairway Cleaning
For cleaning standards/frequencies click here.

Staging Services
Staging Services is a department within Exterior and Auxiliary Services for special event set-ups and moving services. Click here for a list of services. For more information contact Work Management.

Steam Leaks
Contact Work Management if steam is observed from manholes or piping.

Street Lighting  See Light Poles.

Sustainable Initiatives
For information regarding University sustainable initiatives click here.

Surplus Property
Supports the disposition of surplus furniture, equipment and vehicles, which are property of Emory University, by facilitating the resale, liquidation, salvage or disposal of such items. Surplus Property is dedicated to Emory’s Sustainability Vision by supporting the resale of used Emory property, prolonging furniture life and decreasing our landfill waste. For more information visit Surplus Property.

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Temperature Policy
In order to conserve energy, Emory has a standardized temperature policy of 68°-76° (+/-2°) in the majority of campus buildings. Temperatures may be adjusted outside of this range if the relative humidity in a building rises about 60%. Depending on your building and location, the systems are remotely controlled and monitored by Facilities Management. For exceptions, click here for FAQs regarding Emory's temperature policy.  If you feel your area is outside of the standardized temperature, contact Work Management to request a temperature check of your area. 

Tent Requests
The use of tents may require a permit from DeKalb County.  Please contact Work Management before making any plans for outdoor tent usage.

Trash Compactors
Compactors located at various loading dock locations are pulled according to a schedule based on usage data and need.  Please contact Work Management to report overflowing compactors or to request assistance with any trash concerns. 

Trash/Recycling Exterior Pitch-ins
Pitch-ins are serviced minimally twice per week.  High volume areas are serviced daily.

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Upholstery Repair/Replacement  See Furniture.

Report any issues with Utility Service to Work Management.

Utility Location Services
Contact Work Management.

Utility Outages
Notify Work Management of a building or area that has lost utility services unexpectedly or has not returned to normal after the scheduled outage period.  All customers/building managers will be notified in advance of planned outages that involve Heating, Cooling, Electric, and domestic water.  

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Please report any observance of vandalism or destruction of University property to Work Management.

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Washing Machines
In Emory University Residential Units, Fraternities, Sororities and Clairmont Tower apartments washing machines are owned and serviced by a vendor. Call 1-800-MAC-GRAY (1-800-622-4729) for service.  In Clairmont Buildings A through H with washing machines in individual apartments, report non-functioning units to Work Management.

Waste Management  See Trash Compactors & Trash/Recycling Exterior Pitch-ins 

Wild Animals
Report any wild animals that are behaving strangely to DeKalb County Animal Control, 404-294-2996, or Work Management.     

Windows and Glass
Broken glass will be reinforced or removed immediately to prevent further damage or bodily injury.  Windows should remain closed in an effort to support energy initiatives.  Malfunctioning and broken windows should be reported immediately to Work Management.

Work Order Request  
Contact Work Management.

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Zone Maintenance
Facilities Management Operations and Maintenance department is divided into Zone Maintenance shops to better serve the campus community.  Organizational charts are located on the Facilities Management website.  Click here for the Campus Zoned Map located within the website