Fire Extinguisher NFPA 10 Monthly Check

The monthly check shall include the following:
  1. Check tag for last stamped "certified" date. Month/Year. Date should not exceed 13 months since last "Certified" inspection.
  2. Check Location and Visibility of extinguisher and the following:
    1. Nothing blocking view.
    2. In proper container or hanging properly on wall.
    3. Seal is intact and holding pin in place.
  3. Extinguisher condition is "good" with no dents, leaking contents, and pressure gauge is indicating proper pressure with arrow gauge in green.
  4. Person conducting inspection will sign or initial back of card.

Note: There are only 12 spaces to initial. If you run out of spaces, this means that you need to swap it out in the spare station to be serviced for just one. If several, Contractor will need to be called to conduct yearly on entire building.

Extinguishers with a manufactured date prior to 1986 must be removed. Please leave a note attached so that the contractor will know.

Visual Inspection

Check Service Tag for 13 months past last certified inspection date. Initial the back of Service Tag every month. If you run out of spaces to initial, extinguisher needs annual certified servicing.

Work Order

If you need to take fire extinguisher out of service, create a work order and tag or place a note on the extinguisher with original location and general notes for vendor or mechanic.

Gauge arrow should be in GREEN

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tag Fire Extiguisher Dial

If not in green, swap extinguisher in the spare station or call building mechanic for assistance. Create a Work Order. Contact Fire Safety for any assistance: 404.727.7378.