Red Tag Procedures


The Red Tag Permit System provides a clear understanding of the process to manage sprinkler system impairments and fire alarms in the event that the sprinkler system or fire protection system must be taken out of service. This process was developed by FM Global and is used as a method to monitor and retain records of impairments and inform FM Global when impairments occur.

For the purpose of this policy Impairment is defined as: to change or restrict a building Fire Protection System from its normal mode of operation (auto).

When Planning Impairment

Before initiating the permit, follow these steps:

  1. When possible plan to do the work when the facility is not operating.
  2. Schedule to shut down hazardous processes, if possible
  3. Plan to use temporary protections during impairment such as extra fire extinguishers, temporary sprinkler protection or charged hose lines.
  4. Preparations should include having parts on hand and personnel available before attempting impairment.
  5. Acquire a Red Tag Permit from a Supervisor PDC or Fire Safety Division in advance of impairment. In the event the Supervisor or Fire Safety is unavailable a Skill Trades Worker will issue the Red Tag Permit.
  6. The Red Tag Permit will designate location of the facility and reason for impairment. It is authorized by Supervisor's signature, Project Manager, the Fire Safety Office or Skilled Trades worker's Signature.
  7. Mechanic or Supervisor will notify EPD 404.727.6115, Fire Safety Division 404.727.7378, and FM Global 770.777.3600 of the impairment work and estimated time to repair the fire protection system. You may send the Red Tag through the fax to 888.216.9327.

During the Impairment

  1. The Red Tag Permit should be hung in plain view, preferably in the sprinkler control area.
  2. Project manager and/or team leader should have personnel stand by and available to restore the sprinkler system in case of a fire. A "FIREWATCH" should be conducted when needed.
  3. Upon completion of repairs, place fire protection system back into normal operating mode (auto).
  4. Immediately return Red Tag Permit to the Supervisor and inform him the system is back in full operation, contact FM Global of status of repairs/maintenance are complete and the system is back up in full operational status at 888.216.9323, EPD 404.727.6115 and Fire Safety at 404.727.7378 or email:
  5. Fire Safety will notify the Emory Police Dept., and Fire Department. Fire Safety will contact the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Emergency Impairments

If an emergency impairment occurs, staff should stabilize the situation and initiate the following:

  1. Shut down hazardous processes.
  2. Prohibit all hot work, including cutting and welding.
  3. Assign personnel to "fire watch" where fire protection is out of service. See fire watch procedures.
  4. Notify the Fire Safety Division for emergency Red Tag Permit. (If not available, notify Supervisor or Trades worker).
  5. The Mechanic will notify EPD, the Fire Safety Division and FM Global of the impairment work and estimated time to repair the fire protection system. If hot work (welding) is essential to complete emergency impairment, FM Global should be advised.

After the Impairment

As soon as impairment work has been completed:

  1. Promptly restore fire protection equipment to automatic service.
  2. If sprinkler protection was impaired, conduct a 2-inch drain test at the sprinkler riser. (call Sprinkler Vendor) if needed.
  3. Lock sprinkler control values in the wide-open position.
  4. Reset the alarm system and notify EPD of the alarm system status.
  5. Immediately return Red Tag Permit to Supervisor. Inform that the system is back in full operation.
  6. The Building Mechanic or Manager of the Red Tag Permit will notify EPD, Fire Safety and FM Global that repairs / maintenance are complete and the system is back up in full operational status Fire Safety will notify the Fire Department and the Fire Marshal's Office.

FM GLOBAL Index Numbers and Important Numbers

FM GLOBAL Index Numbers

  • Atlanta Campus 83873.64-05
  • Clinics 83873.64-12
  • Emory CC 01866.70-01
  • Briarcliff 00089.29-01
  • Clairmont Campus 83873.64-05
  • Grady Campus 83867.76-09
  • Oxford Campus 83876.07-02
  • FM GLOBAL Office number 770.777.3600 May leave a message.
  • FM GLOBAL fax number 888.216.9327 (may fax red tag directly)
  • Emory University Account number to use for reference # 16202.
  • Emory Police Department 404.727.6115 or 404.727.8005
  • Fire Safety Division 404.727.7378 or 404.354.6849. (Fire Safety calls Fire Departments)
Project Manager Julie Hale 404.727.7466.

Fire Safety Director Bridget Steele Mourão 404.727.7378 cell 404.354.6849.