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America Recycles Day
November 15th, 2014




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Recycling Baskets to be Added to All University Housing Locationsrecycling basket

This upcoming academic year, University Housing has made a considerable investment towards Emory University's waste diversion goal with the purchase of 2370 recycling baskets to be placed in every room in every Univeristy Housing facility. The baskets will be distributed to each room before Student Move-in and will be maintined as property of Emory University; students will be responsible for replacing their room's basket at the end of the year if missing. Each basket will have a recycling Mobius and the logo

Blue and Gold make Green. Recycle Like Dooley!”

Emory Recycles is encouraged by Housing's most recent investment towards increased waste diversion and is eager to support student recycling efforts.

Don't Dump It Donate It Results

Emory University – Atlanta Campus
Clothing, Textiles and Shoes Collected – 10,975 Pounds
Miscellaneous Items Collected – 689 Pounds (Baskets, plastic tubs, drawers, electronics, etc.)
Total Pounds Collected – 16,867 Pounds

Oxford College
Clothing, Textiles and Shoes Collected – 2,397 Pounds
Miscellaneous Items Collected – 458 Pounds
Total Pounds Collected – 4,083 Pounds

Emory University and Oxford College– Totals (Combined)

Clothing, Textiles and Shoes Collected – 13,372 Pounds
Miscellaneous Items Collected – 1,147 Pounds
Total Pounds Diverted  – 20,968 Pounds

Monthly Waste Report