Will you be serving food, wine, beer or Coca-Cola products at your event? Will there be handouts? 

If the answer is YES, you should include a request for recycling and compost collections in your event planning.

All Special Event Recycling Orders should be placed through Campus Services Work Management
Please include the following information in your  work order:

  • Contact Name and phone number
  • Time, Location and Estimated Guest count of event
  • Food Menu (if any)
  • Date and time for recycling container delivery
  • Specific commodities that will be present (aluminum cans, glass bottles, etc.)
  • Specific if you need containers serviced during and/or after the event

Emory's Sustainable Events Program

Emory's Sustainable Events Program encourages and empowers event planners inside the Emory community to embrace sustainability principles when organizing their events.  To participate in this program, please complete the Sustainable Events Checklist.  After completing the checklist, you will be contacted by the Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI) to confirm your certification level.  At this time, OSI will provide details about receiving a Certified Sustainable Event banner to display at your event and you will also receive a certification logo for use on publicity and event materials.  For more information about the program, go to OSI’s Sustainable Event page.

What to Recycle

co-mingled recycling

Containers Available


coke container

Two types of containers are available for special event recycling or compost collections and are picture above. Our green cardboard box comes with two-hole lid and is generally used for collection of beverage bottles and cups. Boxes specifically labelled for compost are also available. Our scissor stand collection container includes a metal stand, plastic top with proper slots, labels, and specific bags for recycled aluminum, plastic or compostable food and materials. These are generally used for outdoor events.