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What can be recycled:
White Paper
Aluminum Cans
Corrugated Cardboard
Clear, Brown, and Green Glass
Mixed Paper
Plastics #1-#6
Scrap Metal
Hardback and paperback Books (Better World Book Drop located in the DUC and at the Recycling Center)











Emory Recycles Material Recovery Center

Emory Recycles is a division of Emory Campus Services and a centrally funded department of Facilities Management.  Emory Recycles is provided a budget each year by central administration.  Emory’s MRF is comprised of a staff of eight front line employees and one supervisor.  The department supports collections and processing for Emory University and Healthcare Clinics, CDC, Emory University Conference Center, the Carter Center, Emory University's Decatur offices and apartment complexes.. Nearly every Emory University building on campus is outfitted with slim jim collection containers.  Depending on availability and need, this equipment is normally provided free of charge upon request.  Some University departments and residential facilities have purchased more formal indoor containers for lobby areas and dedicated interior recycling spaces.   All indoor recycling is serviced by Building and Residential Services staff and brought to the loading dock of the building or a designated disposal site for that building where it is then collected by Emory Recycles staff.

Benefits of Recycling: