Emory EMS Response Area

Emory EMS response area map

Primary Response Area

  • All Emory University property and roads on main campus, including Clairmont Campus and Briarcliff Campus (1256 Briarcliff Road)
  • Briarcliff Road, from 1659 to the intersection of Shepherds Lane (1836 Briarcliff Road)
  • Briarcliff Road, from the intersection with North Decatur Road to Briarcliff Campus
  • Clifton Road, from 1833 to the intersection with Briarcliff Road
  • Michael Street in its entirety
  • Clifton Way in its entirety
  • Houston Mill Road from the intersection with Michael Street to the intersection with Mason Mill Road
  • Gatewood Road in its entirety
  • North Gatewood Road in its entirety
  • Haygood Drive in its entirety
  • Oxford Road from its intersection with Clifton Road to its intersection with Emory Road
  • North Decatur Road, from 2165 (Emory Human Genetics Center) to Briarcliff Road
  • Clairmont Road, from 1201 to the intersection of Mason Mill Road
  • Butlers Lane in its entirety
  • Johnson Road, from Briarcliff Road to Helen Road

Emory EMS responds to any and all requests for emergency medical assistance that originate on campus or through the Emory Police Department Dispatch Center. EEMS also responds to requests in our off-campus response area that originate on or near roadways or in public buildings or places. These calls are dispatched through the DeKalb County 911 Center.