Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I call Emory EMS?

The Emory Police Department Communications Unit dispatches calls to Emory EMS. When you call the Emory Police Communications Unit directly at 404.727.6111, you are connected to an Emory Police dispatcher. They will ask you details regarding your emergency, such as your specific location and information about the patient. They may also ask for your phone number so they can call you back in case you accidentally become disconnected or if more information is needed after the phone call ends. Once the dispatcher has obtained the necessary information, they will relay it to on-duty EMTs, who will immediately begin responding to your location.

If I call 911 from a cellphone or landline, which EMS service will respond?

When you call 911 from a cell phone or any landline in the Emory area, you will be connected to the Dekalb County 911 Center. Dekalb County will dispatch the call to the appropriate resources. Emory EMS monitors Dekalb County dispatches and responds to calls which are located in our normal response area. Therefore, even if you dial 911 from a cell phone, Emory EMS will respond. If you wish to specifically request the emergency services of EEMS, you can dial the Emory Police Communications Unit directly at 404.727.6111 from any phone (cell phone or landline).

Are Emory EMS personnel actually First Responders?

Emory EMS is actually staffed by providers at the level of Advanced EMT or Paramedic. These providers are experienced in patient assessment, stabilizing a wide array of injuries that are encountered in the field, and can perform several invasive interventions as well as administering certain emergency medications. Questions usually arise about the designation of "First Responder" because EEMS is licensed as a Medical First Responder agency in Georgia. This means we can respond and provide care within our scope of practice but we do NOT transport patients.

If I am ever a patient of Emory EMS, will my information remain confidential?

Emory EMS maintains compliance with local, state, federal, and University policies, rules, regulations, and laws regarding the confidentiality and security of patient information. EEMS does not release records except as allowed under Georgia and federal privacy and security laws (i.e. HIPAA). Patients may request a copy of their records by calling 404.727.0180.

Can Emory EMS transport patients?

No. Although all Emory EMS providers are licensed as EMT-Advanecd or above, Emory EMS is a Medical First Responder agency in Georgia. This means that we provide on-scene care to patients before they are transported by other local agencies. If transport is required or requested, Emory EMS will stay with the patient and arrange for transport by Dekalb County Fire Rescue or the local zone provider if it is a different agency.

Do I have to get transported to the hospital if I call Emory EMS?

Emory EMS will arrange transport for any patient requesting or requiring transport to the emergency department. Any patient who calls 911 but does not wish to be transported may discuss this with the Emory EMS provider who is on the scene of the call.

Where can Emory EMS respond?

Emory EMS is primarily a campus-based, student-run EMS agency. Therefore, we respond to all areas of Emory University's campus. Emory EMS also responds to the surrounding Emory community but does not respond to non-Emory residences.  For a detailed listing of these areas and a map which shows our territory, please see the Response Area page.

Are Emory EMTs trained to respond to all types of emergencies?

Yes. Emory EMTs are trained to the same level as the EMTs and paramedics at any other EMS agency in Georgia. They respond to all emergencies, ranging from cut fingers to cardiac arrests.

When is Emory EMS in service?

Emory EMS is in service during the Fall and Spring academic semesters. Emory EMS is not in service during academic breaks including, but not limited to, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, and for the Summer between Commencement and freshman move-in in the Fall.

Is Emory EMS part of the Emory Police Department?

Yes. Emory EMS is a Unit of the Special Services Division of the Emory Police Department (EPD); however,

No. Emory EMS and the Emory Police Department are both divisions of the Emory Department of Public Safety. Emory EMS volunteers are not police officers. On certain calls, such as alcohol-related calls, the Emory Police Department will dispatch an officer to the call along with Emory EMS to ensure the safety of the patient, bystanders, and of the EMS providers.

How is Emory EMS funded?

Emory EMS receives its funding through the Emory Department of Public Safety's annual budget.

Do Emory EMTs get paid?

No. Emory EMS is a student-operated volunteer organization.

How do I join Emory EMS?

Please see Emory EMS Membership for the guidelines and procedures for joining our Unit.

Who can take the Emory EMS EMT Course?

The Emory EMS EMT Course is open to Emory University students enrolled in any of the nine colleges associated with the University as well as affiliates of the University.