Uniformed Services Division

The Uniformed Services Division (USD)—the largest and most visible Division of the Department—provides police services to the main and Midtown campuses and adjacent areas 24/7—day and night – every day of the year. Officers in vehicles, on bicycles, and on foot patrol assigned areas and respond to requests for emergency and non-emergency assistance. In 2015, uniformed officers responded to or initiated 42,234 calls.

Officers are fully trained and authorized by law to respond to criminal incidents and to take appropriate action, including arrests. However, enforcement is a small part of what the Division does. As members of the Emory community, police officers are service providers who are committed to your safety and to continually build on our bond of trust with the community.

Main Campus Patrol Unit

The Main Campus Uniformed Patrol Unit is the oldest and most visible service of the Police Department operating 24 hours per day throughout the year. The unit patrols and responds to calls on the Emory University property, including Healthcare, in the Druid Hills, Clifton, Clairmont, North Decatur, and surrounding areas of DeKalb County. The unit investigate accidents, responds to reports of crime, and engages in preventative patrol. Officers in the patrol unit are the first to respond to your calls for assistance.

Uniformed Patrol officers are all certified by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council as peace officers, have full authority to enforce the law and county ordinances, make arrests, issue traffic citations, and make referrals for violations of Emory University regulations.

The Uniformed Patrol Unit responds to calls in marked patrol cars, on marked police bikes and on foot.

Midtown Campus Patrol Unit

The Emory Police Department began providing Uniform Patrol coverage at the Emory University Hospital Midtown (EUHM) campus in January of 2010.  The focus of responsibility there is the exterior grounds and property of EUHM within jurisdictional boundaries.  Since the Midtown campus is located within the City of Atlanta, we work closely with Atlanta Police Department officers as well as Emory Healthcare Public Safety staff on the hospital grounds.  The officers assist and back up Atlanta Police officers when necessary and to work incidents as they arise, all with the ultimate goal of protecting and serving the EUHM community.

Support functions are provided by the Main Campus police department staff.

If you need to report an emergency situation at the Emory Hospital Midtown campus, call 404.686.2597.

You may obtain further information about Midtown Uniform Patrol by email or by calling 404-686-5405.  

US Postal Service mail is handled through the Emory Police at the main campus:

1784 North Decatur Road
Suite G01
Atlanta, GA 30322-0550

Records Unit

The Records Unit maintains the records for the department and ensures that reports meet standards for quality.

Learn more about the services provided by the Records Unit here.