ALERT: Tax Related Fraud

April 02, 2015

From Emory Information Security in a University-wide email:

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Every year during tax season scammers and identity thieves attempt to take advantage of unsuspecting taxpayers. Unfortunately, this sort of fraud is on the rise across the United States. Consequently, we want to make everyone aware of several tax related frauds.

Financial Fraud Targeting Students

The first is a common scam that often targets students (international students in particular). In this scam, someone calls the victim claiming to be from a law enforcement organization (IRS agents, FBI, local police, or campus police) and informs the recipient of the call that they owe a large sum of money to the IRS. In addition, they demand a payment in order to avoid arrest. In some cases the scammers will spoof the caller ID on their phone numbers to make it appear as though they really are calling from a law enforcement organization. Rest assured, if you receive a call similar to the one described, it is a scam. For more detailed information please visit the Emory Police Department's website below:

If you have received a phone call similar to the one described above, you should report it to the following two federal agencies:

- Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration by calling 1-800-366-4484 or visiting

- The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at Add "IRS Telephone Scam" to the comments in your complaint.

Tax Related Identity Fraud

Another common tax related fraud involves using personal information to file a fraudulent tax return in someone else's name. The goal of this type of fraud is generally to collect a tax refund before the victim has had an opportunity to file their real tax return. As this scam is so prevalent, some individuals affiliated with Emory have been affected, and unfortunately, more are likely to be affected as April 15th approaches. Emory has no reason to believe that this fraud is related to any breach of information originating with Emory. If you are the victim of tax related identity theft, please visit the IRS' Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft:

For additional assistance or to report an information security incident, please contact your IT Service desk:

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