CS Newsbeat: EPD Welcomes Newest Peace Officers

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Vol. LII Issue XLIX January 2016

Nixon graduation photo An and Cioffi graduation photo

Officer Johnson, Officer Poulson, Officer Nixon, and Deputy Chief Edge.

Officer Cioffi, Chief Watson, and Officer An

2015 brought three new faces to the Emory Police Department (EPD). The department welcomed police officer, Xavier Nixon, who graduated on June 26, 2015, and Officers Lucas (Luke) Cioffi and Andrew An, both graduated on October 30, 2015. Officer Cioffi won the overall academic award in his graduating class.

Georgia police academies offer basic mandate, or simply called “mandate” by police personnel, consisting of various courses that add up to 11 weeks of classes from the first day of class to graduation. Graduation requires successful completion of many courses, including Patrol and Observation, Criminal Law, Crimes against Children, Domestic Violence, Community Policing, Use of Force, Reporting Writing, and Traffic Stops. The overall course is called mandate because it is a mandated groupings of classes that must be passed in order to work as a peace officer in the state of Georgia.

“I enjoyed my time while at the academy,” explains Officer An. “It gave me the foundation I needed to become a police officer. This has been a lifelong dream for me.  The academy also gave me the opportunity to build lifelong friendships with others. My most memorable experience during the academy would be graduation day. I have waited 29 years for that day.”

When Officer Cioffi was asked about his most memorable academy experience, he replied, “The most memorable part of the academy was working with so many different future peace officers from police departments and sheriff offices throughout the metro Atlanta. It was great to get a multitude of different perspectives from such a diverse group of future law enforcement officers. We were lucky to have a great mandate class and our strong bond reflected the great training we received at the North Central Training Academy. Career and lifelong friendships were formed during our 11 weeks together. “

Officer Nixon offered, “For me, the most memorable part of mandate was going to Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) for Emergency Vehicle Operation (EVOC). I was looking forward to getting to drive vehicles through the obstacle courses. All the instructors were helpful and supportive. It was challenging in some areas, but they managed to make it fun and less stressful. “

Officer Nixon expressed his enthusiasm about working at Emory. “I enjoy working for the EPD. All the supervisors and officers are very supportive and want to see me succeed. The wealth of opportunities within the department is exactly what I was looking for when they hired me. The professionalism within this department is the best compliment that I can give them.”  We offer our congratulations and a warm welcome to our newest peace officers.