Oxford Parking Services

In addition to the services provided by the Emory Police Department as a whole, the Oxford Division also handles parking for the Oxford Campus. Emory Transportation and Parking Services coordinates parking assignment and enforcement for the Main Campus.

Visitors and affiliates who wish to charge their vehicle while visiting the Oxford Campus may do so at the charging station in the Fleming Lot; the Emory Transportation and Parking Services' Electric Vehicle Charging page provides further information.

Parking Regulations for the Oxford Campus

Oxford College students that receive 5 or more parking citations per semester are considered repeat offenders and may be referred to Campus Life.  Those alleged to have excessive parking citations on campus are subject to the College disciplinary process where sanctions include, but are not limited to, revocation of parking privileges on the Oxford College campus.

Oxford College expects all members of the community to address fines according to the guidelines outlined in this document and in a timely manner.  Individuals with outstanding fines will not be allowed to purchase or renew permits/passes. Outstanding fines may also result in immobilization of vehicle.  Parking on the Oxford Campus is either designated for visitors or requires the display of a valid permit. The parking system at Oxford College is designed to protect the parking privileges of the permit holders and visitors. The Oxford community is best served when all users of campus parking follow the published guidelines and regulations. 

Parking regulations are subject to change.  Parking configurations may change with campus improvements or modifications.  Acceptance of a parking permit attests to an understanding by the permit holder of all traffic and parking regulations and a consensual agreement and responsibility to adhere to the same. 

  • Registration does not guarantee the availability of a parking space. Inability to locate a legal parking space is not an acceptable excuse for violation of these regulations.
  • Theft of a hangtag, use of a stolen hangtag, the falsification of information to obtain a hangtag, and forging a hangtag are all criminal offenses. Those violating this policy are subject to prosecution and administrative sanctions by Oxford College.
  • Students, faculty, staff, and visitors must park in approved parking zones only as indicated on the Campus Parking Map and designated by signage.
  • Handicap spaces, fire lanes, and loading zones are designated by a sign or pavement marking indicating same. Illegally parked vehicles in these areas may be booted and immobilized at the owner's expense.
  • No student parking is allowed at any time around Allen Memorial United Methodist Church on Asbury Street, Pierce Street, or Whatcoat Street. These areas are reserved for church, faculty/staff, academic and student visitors, and special event parking only.
  • No student parking is allowed at any time in the 1-hour parking zone in front of the cafeteria on Pierce Street and Wesley Street..
  • No parking is allowed in the following areas: driveways, pedestrian pathways, between "no parking" signs, crosswalks, sidewalks, grassed areas, fire lanes, service areas, access areas and service loading areas.
  • No driving or parking is allowed at any time, except for emergency vehicles, on the quadrangle (Few Circle), any other bricked areas, or those areas presently closed by bollards.
  • No resident-student parking is allowed on city streets bordering campus for loading or unloading unless the area is marked as loading/unloading areas by signage. Vehicles parked in loading and unloading areas should have their emergency flashers blinking while left unattended.
  • All commuter students are required to register their car and park in any student parking identified by signage.
  • Oxford College Campus police officers regularly and routinely patrol parking areas as well as all facilities of the campus to ensure safety and security.  However, Oxford College and Emory University assume no responsibility or liability for damage to your vehicle (or its contents) while parked on or near the campus. Emergency blue light call boxes are available across campus to contact Emory Campus Police for assistance.  Locations of the emergency blue light call boxes are shown on the Oxford College Campus Police home page at;   http://oxford.emory.edu/life-at-oxford/campus-police/
  • Students, faculty, and staff are advised to keep their vehicles locked at all times to prevent theft of hangtags and/or personal property.  Items of value should never be left in plain view inside vehicles.
  • In the event of theft and/or damage to your vehicle or the contents thereof, you should notify Campus Police to initiate a police report and documentation to provide to your insurance carrier as well as other local police jurisdictions to aid in the identification, arrest, prosecution, and conviction of any individual(s) responsible. Police records of any thefts and/or property damages are maintained by the Emory University Police Department - Records Division on the Atlanta Campus at (404)-727-5076. For a copy of an incident report please call this number.
  • Illegal parking on all city streets is enforced by local law enforcement and not the Campus Police.
  • Registered student visitors must obtain a visitor/guest parking pass and must park in visitor parking areas which are clearly marked with appropriate visitor parking signs in parking lots and indicated on the Oxford College Campus Map located at;  http://oxford.emory.edu/map/

Vehicle Registration

For your safety on campus Oxford College requires faculty, staff, and eligible students to register vehicles used on campus.  Questions about parking on the Oxford campus should be directed to Oxford College Campus Police at (770) 784-8377.  Persons operating vehicles on campus are expected to know and abide by college traffic rules and regulations. Register your vehicle online.  

For information about parking on the Emory campus, please visit http://transportation.emory.edu/

Student Registration:   The annual fee for a student parking permit is $250.00.  Once registered on-line the student account will be billed after September 1st and after the student picks up their parking permit.  Campus Police will notify you by email about where to pick up your permit once you arrive on campus.  Your state vehicle registration for your license plate must be presented when picking up your parking permit.  Please call 770-784-8498 weekdays to speak with the parking officer if you have any questions or write to oxcampuspolice@emory.edu.    After September 15th, a late registration fee of $25.00 will be applied to the permit fee.  If a permit is returned to the campus police office at the end of the fall semester, a credit of $125.00 will be issued to the student account.  Parking availability is limited.  Returning students are always notified by email to pre-register in May of each academic year for the following fall semester.  Returning students who fail to pre-register their vehicles will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Faculty and Staff Registration:  Faculty and Staff may request a parking permit M-F during normal business hours at:  oxcampuspolice@emory.edu or by calling (770) 784-8377.  Only one hangtag will be issued to each faculty or staff member.

Visitor Registration:  All visitors should obtain a visitor parking pass at the Campus Police office, located at 402 West Moore Street or at the Student Center receptionist desk.  Visitor parking is clearly indicated by campus signage.  For visitor parking locations, please view the Campus Parking Map on the Oxford College website.

Temporary Registration:   Temporary parking permits are available for special circumstances at no fee.  Permits are issued on a case-by-case basis for a maximum of two weeks by Campus Police only.  Email:  oxcampuspolice@emory.edu or call:  (770) 784-8377 to obtain a temporary permit.  

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Parking Permits:    All lost or stolen permits must first be reported to Campus Police so that a police report can be filed.  The permit replacement fee is $20, and for students, it will be assessed to the student account.  Faculty and staff may pay the replacement fee at the Financial Services cashier window, Seney Hall Rm. 107, after filing a police report.

Handicap Access Parking Permits

Oxford College provides a number of handicap-designated parking spaces. These spaces are located in proximity to other barrier free access routes, including ramps and automatic doors, and are reserved exclusively for properly tagged vehicles. It is the sole responsibility of the vehicle operator to apply for and obtain a handicap access permit from the agency with which they obtained their vehicle tag. A signed document from an attending physician is required to obtain this permit.

Faculty, Staff, or Students at Oxford College that have special disability needs must meet the eligibility criteria, submit valid documentation criteriaand complete a registration process in its entirety.  This includes a self-disclosure medical condition submitted to the Emory Access, Disability Services and Resources (ADSR). In some cases multiple contacts with other key people and resources may be needed in order to develop a successful workplace accommodation agreement.

Students at Oxford College that have special disability needs should refer to the web site found at: http://oxford.emory.edu/life-at-oxford/disability-services/

Faculty and Staff at Oxford College that have special disability needs should refer to the web site found at:  http://www.ods.emory.edu/faculty-staff/index.html

Parking Violations


Campus Police use wheel lock/boots to immobilize vehicles on the Oxford College campus that are in violation of college parking rules and regulations.

The violation of the following rules could result in the immediate wheel locking of the vehicle from Oxford College property with removal and storage costs at the operator/owner's expense:

  • parking on closed sections of quadrangle; blocking any fire emergency entrance to the campus;
  • falsified information discovered after purchasing permit;
  • use of lost or stolen permit;
  • three delinquent parking tickets to an unregistered vehicle;
  • parking in handicap zone;
  • creating a safety hazard by parking in fire lane;
  • parking in non-marked or grass areas. * parking on any bricked areas
  • Vehicles found parked illegally may be booted. To remove the wheel boot you will be required to pay the boot fee removal of $100.00 and any outstanding parking tickets. Payment must be made at the Financial Services Office located at Seney Hall Room 107 during business hours (1:00 PM - 4:00 PM) Monday through Friday. Payment methods accepted are at the discretion of the Financial Services Office. 
  • Any wheel lock/boot discovered by a student after the close of the Financial Services Office (4:00 pm Monday - Friday) must be reported to Campus Police. Campus Police will make arrangements to remove the wheel boot after normal business hours for the Financial Services Office. The student’s account will be billed for the removal of the wheel boot and any outstanding parking fines. 


The Oxford College Financial Services Office is authorized to collect all parking fines by billing the student account. A student who receives a ticket and does not wish to appeal does not need to make any reporting action. Students who wish to appeal a parking ticket should file an appeal online.  (See directions below under Appeals Process).

Faculty, staff, or visitors who receive a parking ticket should make payment at the Financial Services Office located at Seney Hall Room 107, and the original copy of the ticket should be submitted to the Financial Services Office at time of payment. Those who wish to appeal a parking ticket should file an appeal online.  (See directions below under Appeals Process). 

Parking permits will not be issued to faculty/staff that have outstanding fines from a previous academic year. Excessive violations for faculty and staff will be reported to the C.E.O. of Oxford College for administrative sanctions.  Excessive violations for students will be reported to Campus Life for Conduct Board proceedings.

Citations will be issued for the following:

  • Registration / Display Violations: failure to register, failure to properly display a hangtag so that the permit number can be seen through the front windshield, failure to replace a damaged or defaced hangtag, displaying an expired parking permit. EACH OFFENSE: $35.00.
  • Giving false or incorrect information with on-line registration, use of a stolen, altered, lost, or fraudulent parking permit. EACH OFFENSE: $100.00.
  • Illegal Parking including parking out of proper areas (zone), out of space, parked in visitor spaces, overtime parking in loading/unloading spaces and timed spaces. (Note that as many as two parking tickets can be issued every 12 hours in any 24 hour period in any timed space). EACH OFFENSE: $35.00.
  • Fire hydrant, fire lane, loading zones, entranceways, lawns, parking on unmarked or grass areas, intersections, service drives, crosswalks, or impeding flow of traffic. EACH OFFENSE: $75.00.
  • Moving Violations (Oxford College Citation): Operating a vehicle on campus property by driving over 10 miles per hour. Any reckless driving and disregard for pedestrian safety. EACH OFFENSE: $75.00.
  • Parking in a handicap access parking space. EACH OFFENSE: $200.00.
  • Removal of wheel boot. EACH OFFENSE: $100.00.
  • Unauthorized parking in reserved spaces for college vehicles including the fleet vehicle spaces, RLC spaces, Enterprise Share car spaces, electric car charging spaces or any spaces indicated as reserved. EACH OFFENSE: $150.00.
  • Driving or parking on the quadrangle or any bricked area or area blocked off to vehicular traffic. This includes parking at the bollards near the entrances to campus blocking access to campus for emergency vehicles. EACH OFFENSE: $150.00.

Oxford College policy requires that all parking tickets be paid in full prior to:

  • registration for the following term
  • release of transcripts for transfer to Emory and/or other institutions
  • graduation from Oxford College
  • receiving a parking permit for the next academic year or semester.

Appeals Process

Persons wishing to appeal a citation must submit an appeal on-line within seven calendar days of issuance of a ticket found under the campus police web page at: 


Appeals submitted after seven calendar days of the ticket issue date will not be considered and will be discarded.  Decisions of not guilty will result in a credit to the student account or a refund to the faculty or staff member. All appeals are processed by the Financial Services Office located at Seney Hall room 107. 

Appeals may be made only by those individuals properly registered for parking privileges.  Visitors who receive parking tickets should notify Campus Police by calling 770-784-8377.

Appeals will be considered and decisions rendered by a Traffic Appeals Board. As a matter of policy, the Traffic Appeals Board does not accept the following as grounds for appeal:

  • lack of knowledge of rules and regulations;
  • appointment conflicts or lateness for class;
  • inclement weather; and
  • inability to locate an authorized parking space.

The appeals form can be filled out online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Submission of a digital photo regarding the parking space you are appealing a ticket about can be uploaded to the appeal form in lieu of a diagram.  The Parking Appeals Committee is composed of one faculty member, one staff member, and one student. Only one person from each category will be allowed to cast a vote on matters of guilt or innocence. Police staff will not be allowed to vote or be present on this committee. Decisions of the Parking Appeals Committee are final.