Office of the University Architect

The University Architect is responsible for the physical development of the campus in terms of comprehensive planning, creating a visual vocabulary, and initiating capital projects. Planning activities include the Emory Campus Master Plan, the Oxford Campus Master Plan, various precinct studies, and establishing land management criteria.  The visual vocabulary responsibility includes review and approval of the architecture of new projects, building additions and modifications, exterior hardscape and landscape modifications and site amenities. The University Architect utilizes the 2012 Draft Campus Design Guidelines as a base reference for this design review and approval. This office maintains the knowledge base of local zoning codes, environmental plannig regulations, and GIS mapping and surveys. The University Architect is also responsible for guidance of a project through the first steps of the Capital Project Development Process. These steps include establishing the desired program need for new space in the Step One paper and then facilitating the Master Planning analysis and project Feasibility Studies.

Bowden Hall

In collaboration with the Planning Design and Construction office, the University Architect's Office  spends time with these tasks:

  • Architect and Contractor selection
  • Surveys and land mapping
  • Photography and historical reference
  • Concept Design for development purposes
  • Programming and establishing project scope
  • Budget and Scheduling of Capital Projects
  • Building design consensus through committees, including the Trustees
  • Design oversight for the Schematic Design phase
  • Review of Design Development and Construction Documents as needed
  • Field review and assistance with design issues during construction
  • Community development
  • Campus planning
  • Engineering and utility coordination

Nuerology Building

The University Architect team also works in collaboration with the Office of Governmental and Community Affairsthe Clifton Community Partnership and the Alliance to Improve Emory Village assisting with communications and professional services for the surrounding community on various projects, maintaining contact and communications with community leaders, neighborhood organizations, and special interest groups.

The University Architect works closely with the University Landscape Architect and is supported by a most efficient Administrative Assistant.