Building & Residential Services

Building & Residential Services provides cleaning services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  By consulting with customers, a satisfactory level of cleaning is determined. This can vary depending on usage of the space (classrooms, laboratories, etc.), construction finishes (vinyl, carpet, hardwood, etc.), or customer requirements.  This department advocates environmentally conscious behavior and is committed to the use of Green Cleaning methods and products.  

Emory Recycles operates under Building & Residential Services and is one of the most comprehensive college recycling programs in the country.  Find out more about Emory's recycling program on Emory Recycles website.

Other departments under BRS, include Emory Shredding Services, Waste Removal, Staging, Surplus, Pest Control    

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BRS Administration

BRS Main Line
Phone: 404-727-7468

Boubacar Maiga
Sr. Director, Building & Residential Services/ Auxiliary
Phone: 404-712-9155

Martha Anderson
Assoc. Director, BRS Business & Operations
Phone: 404-727-3663

Rhoda Harris
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 404-727-1901


Auxiliary Services Administration

Deena Keeler
Assist. Director, Auxiliary Services
Phone: 404-227-1975

Josh Majors
Supr., Recycles, Waste, & Shredding Services
Phone: 404-712-0093

James Harper
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 404-727-0545