Work Management Center

  • Jackie Langham

    Jackie Langham: Manager of Customer Service and Special Events

  • Icilda Walker-Street

    Icilda Walker-Street: Customer Care Coordinator

  • Peggy Burns

    Peggy Burns: Senior Customer Service Representative

  • Bridgette Jackson

    Bridgette Jackson: Senior Customer Service Representative

  • Bettye Payne

    Bettye Payne: Senior Customer Service Representative

The Work Management Center (WMC) focuses on the FM side of Campus Services.  Zone shop supervisors and WMC representatives are paired to manage work requests, communicate our customer needs by gathering pertinent information , and to help provide database information that allows us to track and monitor issues more closely. This partnership provides a more thorough level of service and gives us the opportunity to serve our customers better.

WMC Rep Zone/Shop
Peggy Burns Zone C, Zone F, Oxford
Bridgette Jackson Zone B, Zone H, Paint
Bettye Payne Zone E, Lock Shop, Pipe
Icilda Walker Street

Zone D, Energy & Utilities Group (HVAC, Controls Engineering, Steam, Preventive Maintenance, and Electrical)

Routine maintenance and service requests may be placed here. Urgent and emergency work requests should be called into the Work Management Center, 404-727-7463. These calls are handled by the first available WMC representative and dispatched immediately. Under Jackie Langham’s continued leadership of the WMC we are developing additional opportunities for customer contact and feedback, such as an ongoing customer satisfaction survey and onsite visits.

Our focus on providing exemplary customer service has never been stronger, and we look forward to working throughout the organization to develop and celebrate excellence that enhances the customer experience.  

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Work Management Center
Main Phone Line: 404-727-7463
Main E-mail:

Peggy Burns, Senior Customer Service Representative

Bridgette Jackson, Senior Customer Service Representative

Jackie Langham, Manager, Customer Service and Special Events

Bettye Payne, Senior Customer Service Representative

Icilda Walker Street, Coordinator, Customer Service