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Frequently Asked Questions

A Work  Request can be submitted in one of the following ways:

The terms Work Order and Work Request are often used interchangeably.  

The Work Request will be received by the Work Management Center (WMC). The WMC will review the request and assign it to the appropriate shop. After a Work Request is assigned, it becomes a Work  Order.

Each Work  Order has a work order number. Customers will receive the work order number via email. Use this number to reference the work order and check the status.

You can search the status of your Work Request  by entering your work order number that you received via email. Or you can call the Work Management Center at (404) 727-7463 or cscsc@emory.edu. 

A Work Order may or may not be charged (or billable). This will depend on the specific work being requested and the school or unit. Please contact Work Management Center for your specific work order at (404) 727-7463 or cscsc@emory.edu. 

Based on the priority levels (see “What are Priority Levels”) a Work  Request may take between 30 minutes to three (3) days to be responded to. After the initial response, it may require additional time and work. Please contact Work Management Center for your specific Work  Order timeline at (404) 727-7463 or cscsc@emory.edu. 

Please notify the Work Management Center at (404) 727-7463 or cscsc@emory.edu if you believe you have received the status update but the work is not complete.

There are four priority levels assigned to WorkRequests:

  • Emergency
    Requires immediate same-day attention to life safety, animal quarters, classrooms, research labs, and potential building damage. This should be responded to within 30 minutes.
  • Urgent
    Requires attention within 24 hours or less to address building occupant comfort issues such as “hot and cold” calls, bathroom clogged drains, etc. 
  • Routine
    Requires contact with the customer within 72 hours (3 business days) to address or schedule minor repairs or small projects.  
  • Preventive Maintenance 
    Scheduled according to an engineered level of service to prevent major system failures and extend the life of equipment. 

For lift threatening emergencies, call the Emory Police Department at(404) 727-6111 or dial 911.

For emergency maintenance requests, call Work Management Center at (404) 727-7463 .

Finance and Billing Questions

You can check billing details in the Customer Portal. Additional billingresourcescan be found on Our Resources 

Please send an email to our Finance Team at csfinance@emory.edu 

Contact Work Management to discuss this at(404) 727-7463 or cscsc@emory.edu 

Billing occurs at the middle and end of each month, depending on the school or unit.

Facility Questions

Please reference the Covid-19 response for cleaning and sanitation information.

The University has implemented several HVAC measures to support the health and safety within facilities.

Review the details of the fresh air strategy.

Cleaning occurs at various times throughout the day and night. Please reference the generic cleaning routines for academic and administrative spaces and residential spaces.

Submit a Work  Request and our facilities management team will assist you.

A WorkRequest can be submitted in one of the following ways:

To reserve equipment, such as tables, chairs, etc., for your event, please complete the online staging and special event template at least 5 days in advance of the event date.

To request a secure console for regularly scheduled service, contact submit a Work  Request.

For one time service/purge jobs, Emory Shredding Services can provide large secure carts. Please visit Emory Express for pricing and to submit a request.